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With our sophisticated grinding technology, we give the finishing touch to the surface after milling or turning. Our grinding competence ranges from surface grinding to cylindrical grinding up to complex profile grinding.

High-precision contours on many technical materials can be easily fabricated using our extensive pool of grinding machines.

The necessary grinding wheels are dressed using moving diamonds. This results in highly complex profile shapes with great precision.

External Cylindrical Grinding

External cylindrical grinding is used for the production of cylindrical or tapered workpieces, such as the grinding of shafts, axles and spindles as used in the general machine tool, automotive and aerospace industries. The circumference of the grinding wheel is used to remove material from the circumference of the workpiece. This can be done in the radial (plunge grinding) or axial (traverse gringing) modes. To allow for greater accuracy in clamping, workpieces are usually mounted between centres. Multiple idle strokes (spark-outs) are used to improve the form accuracy and surface quality.

Internal Cylindrical Grinding

Internal cylindrical grinding is primarily used for machining cylindrical or tapered bores. During internal cylindrical grinding, the longitudinal feed movement is typically carried out by the grinding wheel, with the radial infeed movement during internal cylindrical grinding handled by the wheelhead or the workhead, depending on the design of the machine. Basically, the same kinematic relationships apply as with external cylindrical grinding. The contact area between grinding wheel and workpiece is however considerably larger, which makes the removal of chips and the cooling of the process more difficult.

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